A keg is a fancy version of your basic barrel. In the factory, a sheet of stainless steel is rolled into a cylinder and welded together. Then, at the cylinder's midpoint, a set of ribs is pressed into it for added rigidity. Next, top and bottom steel plates are stamped out and likewise welded into place. The steel in question, a particular alloy of chromium, nickel, manganese and several other elements, is used because it welds cleanly leaving a smooth joint -- this is very important for a food-grade container because you don't want any rough surfaces where bacteria can set up shop.


Prices are subject to change and availability


Keg $30.00, Tap $50.00, Tub (if available) $30.00

Deposits are due upon pick-up. Monies will be refunded upon equipment return.

*Different brands are subject to other keg types*